4 Sep 2020

Timeless Books for Little Readers 

Sarah Murray, Centre Manager at Milestones Early Learning North Parramatta loves books just as much as her children! Sarah shared with us her Top 10 Timeless Books for 4 years old’s, and why regular reading is so important for children of all ages. 

All children of all ages can benefit from reading books - helping little minds to understand sounds, words and develop early literacy skills. The simple activity of reading with a child builds social connection and trust, whilst sparking imagination and curiosity.  

“Reading can be a special spontaneous one-on-one activity, or can be a group experience for children”, explained Sarah. 

“Literature is a foundation of learning, especially for Preschoolers. What we do, share and role model develops dispositions in their personality and we want to encourage a love of reading and learning.” 


Reading is not just a one-way experience, encourage the child you are reading with to share their favourite characters in the book, or point out objects or scenes to involve them further in the story. Throughout the book, ask them what they think will happen next to encourage imagination – or how they feel at the end of the story.  

“Jump into the story like you are a child too – read with passion and heart, narrate in context and don’t be shy to embrace characters! Read the book together and show your love for reading. Your child will notice the difference” 


Sarah’s Top 10 Books for Preschoolers 

  1. The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson 

  1. The Gruffalos Child by Julia Donaldson 

  1. Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson 

  1. Possum Magic by Mem Fox 

  1. The Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith 

  1. I Am The Music Man by Debra Potter 

  1. Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak 

  1. Wombat Stew by Marcia Vaughan 

  1. Whoever You Are by Mem Fox 

  1.  ….Anything written by Dr Seuss (too many great books to choose from!) 

Milestones Early Learning North Parramatta is proudly apart of  the Lifelong Learning Centres network, which proudly promotes a Healthy Children approach to day-to-day activities and events. Healthy Minds is an important aspect of this approach, Supporting children to develop emotional confidence and improving foundational learning.  

Read more about the Lifelong Learning approach and find your closest centre. Alternatively, call our friendly Family Support Team on 1800 CHILD CARE.  

3 Dec 2020

Questions to ask on your family centre tour

When touring childcare centres for the first time it can be overwhelming. 

As the saying goes, ‘first impressions’ count, but taking the time to ask deeper questions and really find out what your early education and childcare centre has to offer you and your child will always be time well spent. 

30 Nov 2020

Join us for our fun annual Summer Program

The year is coming to an end – but the fun and learning is not! Nationally, Lifelong Learning Centres will be launching their annual Summer Program in 148 centres. 
30 Oct 2020

Day for Daniel

Across Australia, we are recognising Day for Daniel as part of National Safe Work Month. Day for Daniel is Australia's largest day of action to help raise awareness of child safety, a cause that’s close to the hearts of all our Centre Managers and educators.