Our People

Our People

Our People

Known throughout the local area for our warm and friendly team, our educators believe in kindness and inclusiveness. We love working with children and aim to create an atmosphere that is welcoming and encourages every child to be comfortable with being themselves. We encourage them to take the next step, knowing that we’re always right there beside them.

Our outlook is one of respect for children, their families and their cultural backgrounds. They are important parts of each child’s life and our educators actively promote an understanding of this. Our educators all come from different backgrounds and cultures which can be implemented in the centre, currently our educators speak the following languages:

  • Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • Tongan

Meet Our Centre Manager

Sarah Murray

Years in childcare: 10 Years
What makes you passionate about working in childcare? 

I'm passionate and love working in Early Childhood Education because we have the unique opportunity to see the most precious little people grow and develop. We are able to work with our families to widen their support network and provide education and care to their children. Seeing children grown into their personalities is so exciting and becoming a person they trust to lead and guide them is just the best feeling.

How long have you been working with children?
I have been working in the sector for over 10 years now. I started off as a trainee and have worked my way up to management to lead and drive a successful and passionate team!

What is the most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare?
For me, t
he most memorable moment is watcing our littles ones graduate off to ‘big school’ after having had them with us for five years.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare?
My team and I always aim to work at the highest standard and provide quality education 
for our children. I believe our centre is an excellent choice for any family because we go above and beyond to make sure that each child in our care is given every opportunity to grow and learn whilst they are here.